Sites of great historical interest

On the trail of the Great War

The area of the Passo Tonale abounds in nature, but also reveals several trenches and evidence of the First World War. This zone marked the natural border between Lombardy, part of the Kingdom of Italy, and Trentino, then still the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Battles took place on these treacherous mountains in an extreme climate, between snow and ice. For this reason, we often refer to the conflict as the "White War".

The multimedia gallery
Sounds and voices of the White War

A 60 m tunnel at the arrival of the Paradiso gondola lift, which at the time served as a shelter from frost and enemy attacks, is now an interactive museum.

The Paradiso gondola lift's arrival area with a 60 m tunnel, once a refuge from frost and enemy assaults, is now an interactive museum. War artefacts, illustrative panels and above all sound installations take the visitor back in time. You can hear bursts of machine guns, echoes of bombings, the hiss of the wind, an accordion that lifts soldier’s spirits after a day in the trenches, but also the proclamation of the emperor Franz Joseph and the order to evacuate to the village of Vermiglio.

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8.30 am - 5.00 pm